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Shoham & AvGay Company specialize in projects management in the construction industry and infrastructures.

The company has trained in projects management team, Such as high-rise buildings (over 1000 units), ground houses, offices, colleges, industrial buildings and hotels. From planning through management and control, working with the authorities, tenders management, professionals selection, performance management and quality control.

Our uniqueness is well known and the ability to establish an organizational infrastructure, creative and effective results from a systemic approach and taking into account the special needs of the entrepreneur.

In addition, the company has other values ,such as, agility, providing creative solutions, needs analysis and processes for maximum efficiency and attractive costs, that allow the entrepreneur to save time and money.

Our customers are: Hanan Mor group, Yitzhaki Jacob group, Rothstein real estate, Yuvalim, Yuvalevi, Israel's leading buying groups, such as, Reuven Cohen Investments and Real Estate Ltd., Hajjaj group, Davidson holdings from Ben- david group and more.


The company's management 

Yair  AvGay,

Chairman of Shoham & AvGay company. Lieutenant colonel ,who commanded an elite unit and received

a certificate of appreciation from the president due to his unit's activity.

Yair has an over 20 years experience for large construction projects managment for some of the leading companies

 in the market (such as Tidhar and Electra Construction) in various positions, from project manager to regional

director, with responsibility for the construction of thousands of housing units in dozens of projects, hotels,

colleges and commercial areas.

He is an expert in negotiating, preparing tenders for implementation, budget control management to various

activities,as part of complex work processes in setting up various structures.

In addition, Yair provides expertise in project management, with elements of schedules, budgets, tenders, meeting goals

and characterization of unique methods for managing quality control system in the field.




Moshe Aboudi,

CEO of Shoham & AvGay company, a Master's degree (MBA) in Business Administration, graduated civil

engineering and project management specialist. Moshe has long experience as a project manager and 20 years

of experience in managing and operating large teams, a contractual arrangement with clients and subcontractors

and operational responsibility in engineering, budgeting and scheduling.

The company's vision

We consider ourselves a company that strives for innovation as well as constantly improving efficiency while aiming to use the most up-to-date technologies. For these reasons we see ourselves adequate and prepared to take part in the B4Q project.

The contribution of our company to the project would be our extensive experience in the construction arena.

We would use this experience for consulting and supporting as subject matter experts to accompany the

development teams.

Our company will also take a significant part conducting the pilot and the evaluation

phase of the project.





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